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Drywall and all!
Happy 3rd Christmas and New Years Eve from The Rehomesteaders!
Jack is Santa’s Helper.

Because we spend Christmas visiting family in Nebraska, we have a tradition of coming home to have Christmas as a family. But, since a burst water pipe kept us up later than anticipated when we arrived, 3rd Christmas was postponed to New Year’s Eve.

The kids were kind of thrilled to have two holidays in one. What are the chances?!

Blanketed and stuffing themselves with alfalfa. Livin’ the dream!

In the early morning, I had a few quiet moments outside, checking the animals and making sure everyone was well-fed, watered, and warm.

So much Pokemon!
We rushed to church, then home for lunch, then PRESENTS!

The first two Christmases, the children get pretty spoiled with fun things so our Christmas is filled with a few more necessities. Do your kids get excited about toothbrushes, socks, and underwear? ‘Cause ours do!

Awww! Her first diary entry was, “I love you mom and dad.”

The rest of the day was laid back, which was exactly what we needed after all the stress and excitement of traveling and holidays. We played with the new toys, made crafts, I had the first honest to goodness nap I’ve had in a long time, and we ate and ate and ate.

Henry challenges you to a duel!

 And not all of it was sweets, either. Jack puts together a mean veggie and fruit platter, which does balance out the stocking candy nicely.


Everyone crawled into their jammies and we started a Harry Potter marathon before having a New Year’s countdown a few hours early (because let’s be honest: kids don’t care if they stay up until midnight when you make going to bed fun!).

We hope that your 2017 was full of family, growth, adventure, and joy!
I love the view from the back–the barn, Dolly, and our Christmas tree.
Happy 2018 from The Rehomesteaders!

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