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Jack changing a stranded lady’s tire.

One of my favorite things about December is that in anticipation of the holiday season, people seem a little kinder, a little more patient, and a little more charitable.

This year, for the #LightTheWorld celebration, an initiative to bring more peace, love, and joy to the world, which is sponsored by my church, I have been reflecting on how my family lights my world for me.


I can’t tell you the number of times Jack has asked me to pull over so he can help a stranded motorist change a tire, push a stalled car off the road, or help someone in a wheelchair cross the road. He’s the first to quietly accept his duty to help people move or visit people who are sick or lonely. When it’s time for him to go, he gets up and says, “Well, I’d better get going,” then gives me a kiss and reminds the kids to be good for me.


He doesn’t just serve everyone else, either. I’m very aware of how many chicken coops he’s built for me, how many bales of hay he’s slung because I asked for help, how many wheelbarrows full of manure he’s pushed out to the manure pile so I didn’t have to do it.


It’s really no surprise then that the children so often follow his example. They’re more likely than not ready to volunteer help do chores…

 …or brush a sister’s hair…
 …or take pity on a stray animal and make sure it’s well fed.
Kate’s new best friend, Binx.
They, too, help with the endless jobs that come with the territory when living on a farm.

Everyone is always fed, watered, and in a clean stall and pretty quickly when everyone goes out to help.


Or why they’re so good at looking out for each other, making their siblings laugh, and why they’re such good friends.

Kate’s basically my go-to, bring-along babysitter.

Their shining example to me is where I draw a lot of my inspiration and desire to help others, along with my Savior’s perfect example. I’m so grateful we celebrate His birth at this time of the year, that we reflect on His life, and how we learn to be successful at making the world a better place when we put into practice His teachings. That’s what makes the season most special for me!

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