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Some of the cousins!

Once again, we were fortunate to be able to come back home to Nebraska for some of Christmas break. It’s always a ton of work to pack up, get the animals all fed and watered and arrange for someone to check on them, then drive the 10 +/- hours but it’s a Christmas tradition that we love.


Normally, we take Raven but winter trips are so cramped with coats and presents and blankets that she went to stay at a friend’s house for Christmas.

After a pit stop to order some Chinese (the kids did surprisingly well not spilling rice all over the car)…
 …and a few minutes of jumping on the bed…
 …we crammed everyone in a king-sized bed and called it a night.

For the life of me, I could not find our swimsuits so knowing everyone would want to take a dip in the pool, they wore bike shorts and tank tops. Good enough!


Even though we split our drive up, several hours at a time in a car is taxing on everyone. Thankfully, a bit of crabbiness generally turns into decent naps for a good portion of the trip.

And finally, we arrived!
We’ve kept traditions alive and visited longtime friends…
 …visited cousins…
…made an army of sugar cookies…
…and I even snuck in watching a bit of show jumping!

Christmas morning can never come fast enough for little children and honestly, when they first wake up, it’s undeniably early but it’s so magical to relive the excitement of Christmas through their eyes.

Henry’s first peek of the Christmas tree.
The day, as always was a flurry of activity.
Everyone’s silly face.
Zoey had pretty much no idea what was going on most of the time but enjoyed herself nonetheless.
There were presents galore…

 …several of which were for the farm. Anyone else get excited about stirrup leathers, a new bridle, a cream separator, a cheese press, mushroom kits, or milkmaid stools? ‘Cause we do!

I wonder what it could be!
Twin cousins are the BEST, especially when firetruck jammies and toy chainsaws are involved!
And with all the fun, there may have been a few naps snuck in during all the excitement, too.

All around, the most important thing is spending the holiday with those we love, celebrating the birth of our Savior and all that His life entailed, especially the fact that through him, family can be forever.

We hope your Christmas season was full of joy, giving, traditions, memories, laughter, and love!
Glory to the newborn King!
Merry Christmas from The Rehomesteaders!

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