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Hurrying to feed the cows before school.
Lately, Jack has had several work trips, leaving the kids and me at home to fend for ourselves.
Okay, so it’s not that bad but when Jack leaves, I go into survival mode out of necessity.
Thank goodness for technology.
Sometimes that means I employ the older kids as babysitters.
Claire taking her turn watching Zoey.
I’m on full alert as Dr. Mom for anyone who might injure themselves
(and with five kids, that’s surprisingly frequent).
Pushed from behind. She didn’t have a chance.
Nobody sleeps well when Jack’s gone, which means they all end up in my bed.
I wasn’t sleeping anyway.
The kids have to step up and help with farm chores and yes, clothing is optional most of the time.
One less outfit to wash, I guess.
The girls can practically do everything I do, including dumping the neverending supply of manure out on the compost pile.
If I’m really desperate, they’re allowed to help paint. It’s not a job if it’s fun, right?
Kate’s dream job!

And if I’m really, really desperate, I’ll employ people to do the work for me. It was almost a treat to have people fix our ceiling texture for us…except that meant I had to have people in my house. The introvert in me shudders.

On top of the farm chores and home improvements, everyone still needs to eat.
(What’s with that?)
Henry’s dream job!
If I can’t muster a homemade meal, we take a trip out to eat.

And if I can’t muster getting everyone in the car to go out to eat, it’s mac ‘n’ cheese, cereal, pancakes, sliced fruit and veggies, or sandwiches. No one has died yet of having an overly simplified dinner.

Being the fun parent falls to me, which means fancy hair…


…and science experiments…
Everyone made their own slime!
…and car rides, games of tag, tickling, storytime, movies, treats, board games…
Zoey’s ready to go for a spin!
…and sometimes, all they want is to fly.
Hold on, Kate!
When Jack is gone, it’s exhausting, even if all we’re doing is surviving so we really appreciate when he finally comes home.
Especially me.
I can catch up on the laundry and cleaning now. Phew!

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