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Ready, set, GO!

Having run several dozen miles through Jack’s foxtail maze, I decided it was time for the girls and I to do another fun run. The last one we did was in Nebraska with the cousins, when it was nice and warm. This Halloween fun run was a little more…cold.

Feeding off the excitement at the start line. 
Walking over to the start line, Evelyn asked why I had to pick a race on such a frigid day. Well, oops! I told her that we’d just have to start running quickly so we could warm up. The girls, dressed in their costumes as Pikachu, a parrot, a black cat, agreed with me, the skeleton.
Claire could have run circles around EVERYONE.

So, the race started and for the first half, everyone was excited and barely able to keep from flat-out sprinting. Then, the complaints of frozen legs, burning lungs, and tired feet began. Claire could have sprinted the whole way home–and I told her to since Jack was waiting at the finish–but she kept running ahead, stopping and encouraging her sisters to catch up. What a team player!
We made it to the finish…barely.
Henry the Vampire Bat got into some blood, er, marinara sauce.

I offered to push Henry in the stroller but our little vampire bat decided he’d rather watch with dad, along with our little pumpkin, Zoey.

Team Eliker!

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