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Hercules joined us on our nature walk.

One of our favorite Sunday family pastimes is to go on nature walks together. At our other houses, we’d visit the animals or discover new plants (like our giant, delicious smelling blue moon wisteria) and now that we’re in a new house with new property, we have a whole new set of adventures awaiting us.


So, after we had called the grandmas, we decided to go walk around a practically uncharted part of our property. It doesn’t sound like much, but twelve acres is quite a bit of land to explore. Until today, there were parts of it that I hadn’t set foot on. With good weather and everyone in tow, we went on our adventure.


Up around the pond and down the hill is a good sized pasture that is fully fenced, though it’s been a bit neglected as of late. Most of the grass is less-than-desirable foxtail and the fence is overgrown with brush but we plan on fixing it up when we get a chance. Once we get rid of the weeds, it will provide enough hay for the horses and could even serve as a third pasture.


Along the way, we admired the scenery and happily noticed we have lots of maple trees to tap this winter. Then, toward the back of the property, everyone agreed that we should venture into the ravine that serves as the overflow for our pond.


Before we began our trek, I told everyone to get good walking shoes on and to change out of their church dresses, all of which requests were met with moaning. I was insistent on the shoes but let them choose whether or not to put on something not-so-fancy. Confident that they would be fine in their pretty dresses, they slogged through the forest, snagging themselves at every turn.

Nova joined us on the walk, too!
 Lesson learned.

At the end of the ravine, it’s pretty open and spacious, so we posed for a few pictures and looked around.


There were plenty of spiders’ webs, frogs, raccoon footprints, flowers, strange berries, and fallen trees.

Henry stayed close but loved going on his first real hike.
So did Zoey.

We continued on through the ravine, even though the trail became narrower, muddier, and steeper. It was close, but we made it out alive.

Can’t wait until next Sunday’s nature walk!

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