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So many weeds to clear from the fenceline…

Ah, Labor Day. I suppose most people probably take the day off to rest from their labors but for some reason, we have it in our head that labor day means you work. So, our project of choice today was fixing up the front pasture.

Evelyn taking over as mother.

While the fencing around the pasture–the posts, the wires, the corners–are in decent shape, the entire fence was riddled with weeds, which wouldn’t be that much of a problem except the fence is supposed to be electric. That means that every time the electricity zaps down the line, it would short out on every weed it touched and would be ineffective. With Dancer being such a pushy mare, a good electric fence is a must.

The girls picked some morning glories that were growing up a fence post.

Early in the morning (after I apparently fell back asleep after waking up early and everyone else woke up and made me breakfast…awww), we headed outside before the heat became too much. We weed whacked, macheted, pulled, and chainsawed about every weed within three feet of both sides of the fence.

Fixing a broken line.

It was a long day of being ripped up by rose bushes, poked by thistles, jabbed by branches, sunburned, bitten by bugs, and drenched in sweat. It was a hard day for everyone.

Keeping busy.

Man, I sometimes wish I could revert to being a baby…
Zoey being helpful by sleeping.

Thankfully, Jack is pretty good about balancing work and fun. It wasn’t all terrible. I do really enjoy checking off items on my to-do list but that makes everything else more amusing.

Henry saying hello to the horses.

The girls have been dying to go swimming in the pond, so that was their reward for helping. After dinner, they scrambled to get their swimming suits on (maybe a little too quickly…).

Henry had a rough time swimming after his sisters put on his life vest!

Talk about a blast! Zoey and I played lifeguards while everyone else splashed around in the water, eventually getting brave enough to jump off the back of the paddle boat together. Once they were worn out, they drug themselves up the beach, took a shower, and fell asleep in record time.

All that hard work was worth it!

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