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Happy birthday Kate!
Every time a birthday rolls around, it brings on some serious reminiscing. With Kate, we remember our time in Iowa, which is now coming up on five years since we left. Kate was the last of our Iowa babies and she was born at a very stressful yet exciting time. Literally. She showed up in the wee hours (on my sister’s birthday) and between ISU’s career fair and Jack having several important, career-deciding interviews. To say she was a happy miracle in our family is a gross understatement.
Our sweet, beautiful girl!

To sum up any child would be impossible and Kate is no exception. She is bursting full of contradictions and is one of the most passionate people I’m privileged to know. When she’s happy, her squealing laugh is contagious, when she’s mad, she balls up her fists and screams with rage, when she’s sad, there’s no stopping a waterfall of tears, if she’s nervous, she trembles with fear. But that’s not even scratching the surface of who Kate is.

Considering her costume choices.

For one, she loves, loves Halloween. Is it the candy? The dressing up? The staying up late? She lives for it all.

Feeding Dolly during a milking.

 Kate is one hard worker. But, she must be prim and proper and probably wearing a dress while she does it.


She has a real gift with animals. I’ve seen her tame more than one wild-eyed beast with her persistent, patient, waiting-for-the-pet-to-come-to-her technique. It’s like she’s a real-life fairytale princess.


She has a knack for all things beautiful and she’s done it all from fixing hair, wearing fashion-forward attire, painting her own nails, to picking out paint colors for the house…


…to creating heaps upon heaps of crafts. If she could, she’d spend about 90% of her day drawing or coloring or painting.


We celebrated her birthday as a family a day early since Jack had to fly out to a convention on her actual birthday, so we did the traditional cake and ice cream and presents. Using her skill for aesthetics, she insisted on decorating her own cake, only to decide it would be better if her older sisters joined in on the fun. Kate is definitely always one to think of others.


Like when she picked out her birthday ice cream. She only agreed to choosing out a flavor as long as Henry had a chance to pick one also. Two ice creams? No arguments here.

So many choices…

After dropping off Jack at the airport, her actual birthday was much like any other day here on the farm. We worked and did chores and took care of animals and at the end of the day, played and raced the dog and rolled down hills…

Kate and Claire would make some good stunt doubles!

 …and, of course, got wet and gritty with sand in the pond (have to enjoy it while the warm weather lasts!).


We are enjoying our last year before Kate begins fledging from the nest and is off to school with her big sisters. Until then, we will watch her blossom, serve others, brighten spirits and spread joy to whoever she comes across.

Happy birthday, Kate! We love you!

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