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In the blink of an eye, Evelyn and Claire were finishing up kindergarten and second grade and it was time for summer to start. But, in a matter of a few weeks, we felt prompted that it was time to move, we found a house we loved, finished our major home improvement projects and shortly after that, began the grueling showing, buying/selling, inspecting, appraising, and packing. And just like that, summer was already over and the girls were starting first and third grade.

It’s amazing how many kids can fit in Jack’s hammock!

Initially, I was really sad that summer went so fast but when I scroll through pictures, I feel a bit better about all the good times we had together and the memories we made. Sure, there was a lot of work (did I say a lot? I meant A LOT) but we had days filled with typical summer fun. Like having friends over…

 …playing with the hoardes of toads we had hopping about the yard…

…and when we did have those early morning showings, we tried to make it less stressful by waking up, getting dressed, and getting breakfast elsewhere. Like Dunkin’ Donuts. Yum!


We had a couple entertaining and pretty quiet days at the Children’s Museum, when the place wasn’t overly crowded (you know, so Henry could practice his weight routine without trouble).


Even though it stunk to be kicked out of the house so often, we probably spent more time at local parks than we typically do. No complaints there!


The hammock got plenty of good use, we had a lot of bonfires, partly out of necessity to clean up brush, partly because there’s something relaxing about listening to the tree frogs croak and watching the kids catch lightning bugs while a fire crackles.

Yes, that’s Claire’s version of a dive.

 Plus, the amount of time we had in a pool was awesome. I was a little glum thinking I wasn’t going to be able to take the kids swimming as much this summer with a new baby but compared to previous summers, it was probably double, thanks to all the friends who invited us over and trips to Holiday World.


The girls returned from their first day of school excited about the possibilities of a new year and Kate and Henry dashed down the driveway, happy to have their older sisters back home. Though they’ll only have a few weeks of school before we move, school, take one, was a success!

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