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A few weekends ago, Jack took Henry to a campout with a bunch of men and boys from church, leaving the girls at home. It’s hard to say who had a better time…


A friend had dropped off a delicious dinner to help out with our newest arrival which let me sit down with the girls, turn on a movie and put up my feet. The girls also did each other’s makeup…


…drew a likeness of me (see the similarities?), danced to some Shakira, ate a couple of desserts (that’s right, a couple), and stayed up past their bedtime.

Zoey has a pretty good view for bathtime.

Then, it was just Zoey and I for the remainder of the evening. I took advantage of the quiet and got some writing done while watching a movie of my choice–a real treat!

Snoozin’ and writin’.
Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the forest, Jack and Henry were roughing it.

Jack took some treats with him and once he set up camp (which literally was a hammock in a tree with a tarp strapped over the top), they perused the forest for morel mushrooms (which they didn’t find–bummer!), got plenty dirty, ate too much sugar, sat around a fire, talking, and also stayed up late.

Who’s ready for bed?
Um, did I mention they ate a lot of sugar and stayed up late?
I think Henry was that sticky and dirty until he came home and I could give him a bath!
It’s hard to say who had more fun: girls night or boys night.

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