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Sitting with his bees.

Mowing is one of those chores that I enjoy doing. It gives me the chance to have some time to sit and think about whatever I want. If the kids are crying or bickering, I sure can’t hear them. It also gives me a chance to comb over our property, to drive by a good portion of it to see how the trees are growing or if the flower beds need weeding or if the fence is in need of repair. When I’m close, I also take a quick peek at the bees to see how they’re doing.

Fixing part of the hive to keep the ants out.

For the past month, I noticed bees coming and going from an abandoned hive a friend had sold Jack last autumn. At first, we assumed the bees were just raiding what was left of any honey but the longer and more vigorously the bees came and went, I began to suspect that one of our hives had swarmed when we weren’t looking and made a home in the empty hive boxes. Seriously, what could be more awesome than a new swarm of bees that literally flies into the hive you want it to?

Observing his lucky swarm.

If there is a downside to the situation, it’s that the bees are right in the middle of a sea of poison ivy, which Jack is notoriously allergic to. Still, we can’t complain about the blessing of more honey, even if it does cause a little itchiness.

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