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First day of school!

Today was the last day of school and the girls couldn’t be more excited. Kate is happy to have her sisters home to play with, Evelyn has great plans to continue summer school by teaching her sisters, and Claire is ready to draw gobs and gobs of pictures. And Henry? He can keep up with his sisters like a champ.

See shy Claire there in the glasses for 50’s day? She won the citizenship award for kindergarten!

Overall, the school year was quite successful. Both the girls got along well with their peers and teachers and were straight A students. In fact, both were awarded the school’s citizenship awards during the year, which really doesn’t surprise me. If I can catch glimpses of their kindness, obedience, and desire to help others at home, I know it’s amplified at school, where they always try their best.

Evelyn was surprised with a little trophy for her citizenship award!

The year was full of all kinds of fun activities but one of my favorites was the school talent show. Since there were a limited number of slots to fill but both wanted to participate, I suggested they create a piece of artwork together. This is what they came up with:

That’s better than some artwork I’ve seen from professional artists!

It’s a tad hard to see but the owl family is a representation of our family–mom and dad in front, Claire and Evelyn up above, Henry and Kate in the nest along with the egg representing Zoey. It was really quite a clever piece that shows just how imaginative young minds are.

This would explain why Claire always starts a conversation with, “Mom? Can I tell you something?”

While I’m not a huge fan of standardized testing, it was fun to see the girls’ year-end results, which are quite opposite of each other. People always ask what child looks like who but in this case, it’s which child thinks like which parent. Claire, with a very high verbal score, seems to think like me…

Maybe that’s why Evelyn and Jack get along so well…

…and Evelyn, with a very high quantitative score, thinks like Jack. Guess we have a math mind and a verbal mind.

They still love each other on the last day of school. Yay!

I don’t know about other mothers but for the most part, I really enjoy summer break. Sure, there’s more noise and more messes and more quarreling but there’s also a lot more fun and relaxation. Plus, if anyone starts to get crabby, they get sent outside where nobody stays crabby for long. I’m looking to a nice long break from packing lunches and wondering what all my kids are up to during the day. Hooray for summer break–let the wild and crazy next few months begin!

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