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When finishing the computer room, I happened upon Dancer’s American Quarter Horse Association paperwork, something I hadn’t seen for about nine years. It was so fun to look through her papers and to see her lineage (and some of their colors)…recognize anyone?

Dancer’s daddy is a blue roan! And Dancer’s full name is Moonlight Dancer, a nod to her mother.
Yeah, me neither.
But, on one of the papers, I found a little bit of information that was pretty exciting: her birthday!

Most notably, she’s exactly a one day less than a year older than our oldest. It’s almost exactly like Zoey and Stoney! My kids will like horses, whether they want to or not!

Dancer always has her nose in everything.

When we moved to Iowa, Stoney came to live in the backyard and it was pretty apparent the first night that he’d need a companion after he walked a track around the pasture, nervously looking for another horse. Saying the herd instinct is strong in him is an understatement. So, we drove to the auction down the road and looked at the horses up for sale the next day. There were some pretty dapple grays and beautiful bays that I had my eye on but when it came to it, we were too poor to outbid anyone. So, we ended up with a plain, seal brown, half-wild mare for $100.


It took all of two nanoseconds for Dancer and Stoney to bond. Having been weaned the day of the auction, she was desperate to have another horse to look up to and he’d been alone long enough to be equally desperate. Thankfully, Stoney’s a pretty good guy and immediately took her under his wing. Er, hoof? They’ve been inseparable ever since. In nine years, the only time they’ve ever been apart was when we took Stoney and the girls to a show and even then, it was only for about six hours. The entire time, Stoney whinnied and pawed and looked everywhere for his pasturemate. Thankfully, they both survived the ordeal.

The inseparable pair.

Since Dancer is in the prime years of her life and it’s been a good four years since she’s had any serious training, and I’m not pregnant this summer, I’m looking forward to working with her. It won’t be long before she’s our go-to horse for toting around kids and hopefully, going to shows. And who knows? Maybe she’ll have a pretty little blue roan foal someday. One can hope!

Happy (first officially celebrated) Birthday, Dancer!

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