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Happy Easter from the Elikers!
As usual, this weekend was quite busy.

This past Monday for family night, we dyed eggs for our activity. It’s one of those things that the girls had been looking forward to for weeks and could barely contain their excitement. Everyone got their own dozen and quickly went to work creating beautiful masterpieces.


It goes without saying that Henry had a FANTASTIC time coloring eggs, especially when he tried a new method with Jack involving shaving cream. Those boys were in heaven, making a quite impressive mess.

Ah, Henry watering the garden means he’s dirtier than the garden beds when he’s done.

Jack had Friday off for Easter and we enjoyed spending the extra time with him. We ate lunch with the girls at school, ran a few errands and got a good start planting the garden. Speaking of messes, Henry was particularly “helpful.”

The horses got their first turnout on the green pasture. They thoroughly appreciate more space and scrumptious grass and run to greet it.

In the evening, some of the Boy Scouts from church came over to camp. Since we usually have pizza and movie night, we conveniently transferred everything outside. Jack cooked everyone their very own pizza in his beloved cast iron pans and instead of a movie, they were happy with roasting marshmallows and playing in the hammock. Henry and I headed to bed inside, while Jack and the girls spent the night in our new mansion tent.

Come to think of it, I kind of like camping where I get the s’mores and the bonfire without having to wake up sleep deprived and on the lumpy, unforgiving tent…

Found one!

Saturday was filled with cleaning and chores and fun stuff before retiring to bed early to counter the crabbiness from their late Friday night camping. Despite me encouraging them–no, pleading with them–to sleep in, they were up at the crack of dawn to search for their Easter baskets. We got ready for church, Kate gave her first talk in primary, I was able to keep up with the kids in nursery for one more week, and we came home to find the Easter bunny had hidden the eggs up front this time instead of in back.


Who needs to go to a public egg hunt activity when you can have a massive one in your very own front yard? The kids happily ran off and found eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

Kate getting creative when she spotted an egg atop the last round bale.

For a good half an hour, the eggs were pretty easy to find but they eventually became harder and harder to spot. Inevitably, we can never find them all though out of forty-eight hidden this year, we found forty-six of them. The silly Easter bunny should really make a map of where they’re all hidden because even he can’t remember where he put them (ahem, Jack).

Um, let’s try that again.

Though the eggs and candy and bunnies are all good and fun, I’m grateful for the true meaning of Easter, at the heart of which is our Savior. He is the Prince of Peace, who conquered death and offers His grace, love, and atoning sacrifice to all. We’re grateful for Him and all He has done to allow us to find joy in this life and everlasting life in the next.

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter with family and friends!
(And happy due date to me–wish me luck!)
Now everyone’s happy!

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