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The artwork from the Easter Seals Crossroads patrons up for auction.

A few weekends ago, Jack was offered a pair of tickets for a charity dinner for an organization that he serves on the board for at work. We jumped at the chance for an official date and something a little more upscale than we usually do. So, we got all primped and preened in cocktail attire. Not that it probably mattered much, seeing as I have about two dresses that fit, being nine months pregnant, and Jack’s face was pretty darn gnarly after being stung by one of his bees right by his eye. I guess that’s the best we can do, coming from off the farm.


The organization, Easterseals Crossroads, serves individuals and families with all types of disabilities and helps them be as functioning as possible, focusing on what they can accomplish, rather than what they cannot.


We wandered the Union Station hotel, which was not too long ago, the train station. The hors d’oeruves were delicious, the artwork up for auction was beautiful, the people watching was entertaining, and the architecture was stunning.


The dinner was fantastic, although when it comes to someone cooking, serving, and cleaning up, I’m not very picky. While we ate, we caught up with a few of Jack’s co-workers and enjoyed the time spent with adults.

Jen Bricker sharing some of her fascinating life story.

While I enjoyed the presentations, Jen Bricker was by far my favorite. Born without legs, she was abandoned at the hospital and eventually adopted by parents in the United States. They never held her back from anything and she participated in sports, from softball to basketball to gymnastics. I loved what she shared about finding out her sister is Dominique Moceanu, her childhood idol. Now, Jennifer is an accomplished aerialist, author, and motivational speaker and does a fantastic job showing that one can be successful in life, regardless of physical or mental capacity. Everyone has worth.

Then, she performed a pretty amazing acrobatic routine before we were turned loose. It would have been fun to stay longer but, as it always is with little kids waiting at home, we had to rush out. It was really a spectacular and special night out. I hope we get to do it again sometime.
A fantastic evening celebrating ability.

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