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It’s been three years since Jack reaffirmed how awesome he is and brought home Raven, a huge, HUGE surprise to me. Though she’s still timid, she integrated quickly into the family and enjoys spending every minute she can with us. Sometimes she sneaks out the door and jumps in the car when I’m not looking, if the kids are outside playing, she’s always standing nearby, she loves camping, jogging, and hotel stays with us.


Since coming home, she has learned to fetch (and is working on drop it) and shake and sit. She used to sleep in the mud room but now, prefers to snooze in the girls’ room and she is sometimes quite silly. Jack will exercise with her, the horses no longer scare her, and she’s fit in perfectly on the farm, never once killing a chicken or chasing a cat up a tree.


She spent the week so far with her BFF, my sister’s dog, Ruby, chasing balls, taking naps, chowing down on treats and quietly watching all of the commotion from the back, with a wagging tail.


We love having Raven around, for her kindness and her sweet disposition, which easily forgives the sometimes naughty behavior she occasionally innocently exhibits (let’s just say she really hates loud noises…). She really is the perfect fit for our family and it’s hard to imagine life without her. We’re hoping for many more happy years with Raven.

Happy Third Adoptoversary, Raven!

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