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Kate has dubbed this Henry’s ‘Cool Man’ look.

It’s obvious that Henry is excited to be a man of the house. He’s the first to offer to push or pull or lift something heavy.

 He wanders the property, just like Jack, checking the bees or tapping the maples for syrup.
It’s that time of the year again!

He loves taking care of the animals. Although, sometimes he mixes up whether the food goes in the food bowl or the water bowl…

He chose wrong. Again.
 If he hears the sound of a power tool, he’ll come a-runnin’!
 He loves learning how to cook from Jack, which surely will come in handy as he grows up, whether to keep himself nourished or to woo his wife (like Jack does for me!).

And even though he’s a man of the house, he’s going to learn to clean and do laundry and scrub toilets. Because, let’s be honest, he’s the one making 90% of the messes in the first place.

Uhh…close enough use of the duster.

But, sometimes being a man of the house is too stressful and he has a full-on meltdown where he seems to wish he was still the baby. Which is okay. He is only one.

Poor guy. It’s kind of hard not to laugh at a meltdown of that magnitude.
 So, we fix it with a hug and a couple minutes playing.
Problem solved. Manchild happy.

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