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The last day of 2016 was a lot like any other Saturday. We cleaned, took care of the animals, worked on a few projects, and lazed around a bit. Around dinnertime, though, we started our traditional New Year’s Eve party.


First, we went wild and crazy, setting up our new family-sized tent we’d received for Christmas. That thing is at least twice as spacious as our old tent and already, we’re looking forward to using it (although Henry was kind of freaked out that we willing crawled into something that he was sure was a monster). Here’s hoping we have some good spring weather before the next baby arrives so we can try it out!


Then we had a buffet-style dinner with all kinds of fruit, cheese, bread, dips, and snacks. Maybe not the healthiest but no one complained.

 We introduced Henry to the joy of spray whipped cream…
The great room floor is high on my 2017 list of goals…
…and we introduced all our kids to the joy of Silly String.

Even if it was only about seven seconds worth of fun.
Jack announced at about 7pm that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to make it to midnight. We’re real party animals.

Now, we’re in the middle of a Lord of the Rings movie marathon and are enjoying the quiet evening at home. I know 2016 has gotten a bad rap on many fronts, but Jack and I were talking about what a great year it’s really been, from news of a new baby to job promotions and raises to completing some pretty hefty home improvement projects, new books written, and crossing off lots of goals off our 2016 list. Overall, we were healthy, happy, and the future looks bright because it is what we make of it.

Watching a Puffin Rock countdown a couple hours early.
We hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve
and that you’re ready for a wonderful start to 2017!

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