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Claire taking a turn splitting the wood.
I feel like this whole summer, I played around like the grasshopper instead of worked like the ant. Sure, we had our share of projects completed but when I thought of the things that needed to be done before winter, like splitting wood and buying hay, I kept putting them off.
Mercifully, we’ve been having a very mild autumn. I’m finally getting over some very persistent morning sickness and Jack has returned from a few months of intensive work travel. A friend told us her mother had some wood that needed to be cleaned up, so we spent a few Saturdays cutting up the wood and loading it onto the trailer, where we took it home and got it prepped for burning.
If there’s one thing Jack is determined to teach the kids, is that work is fun and it’s even more fun if we do it together. While I like to try to include them–like I split, they stack–Jack is hands on to the extreme. They’re going to learn to swing an ax and like it. Of course, they all think it’s incredible that they’re powerful enough to split wood…with dad’s help. It’s all giggles when those logs split in half!
Though everyone is expected to help when we’re working on a family chore, it’s obvious that everyone enjoys doing different ones. Some like feeding the animals, others like raking leaves, or collecting eggs. Henry? As long as he gets a ride in the wheelbarrow or gets to do something with water (or there’s a manly-sounding machine involved), he’s happy.
Getting the chickens some clean water.
Of course, it’s not all work and no play. I’m getting better about being able to stop myself, even when a job isn’t all the way done, to leave time for real fun.
Although I won’t be partaking in Jack’s idea of fun…casually laying by the beehive to see how they’re doing.
I’m glad that the kids are learning that family fun doesn’t have to mean only play or mindless entertainment but that working and accomplishing something together can be just as satisfying a way to spend time together.. 
At-home Mongolian Grill dinner to celebrate finishing splitting the wood!

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