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The girls and I have been having fun getting decorated for Halloween. After making a new wildflower witch broom, we decided to put up a giant spider web. It’s a cute addition to our porch and the best part, it cost less than $10. Here’s what you need and how to put one together:

You’ll Need:


Styrofoam balls (or other material to form spider)
Wooden skewer
Black spray paint
Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc
50ft +/- cotton rope

1) Using two styrofoam balls (or other material of your choice), attach the two parts together–I broke a wooden skewer into four pieces, put some hot glue in the middle and pushed them together.


 2) If you’re using styrofoam, you’ll need to either paint by hand with acrylic or cover with aluminum foil or paper mache before spray painting.


 3) Paint body with several coats of paint. Allow to dry.


4) Pierce spider body with pencil for the eight legs.


 5) Squeeze a small dab of hot glue into the hole before securing a pipe cleaner for the leg. Attach eyes and other decorations, as desired.


 6) After the spider is finished and you’ve chosen a spot for the web, run three strands of cotton rope–up and down, from the top right corner to bottom left, and top left corner to bottom right.

Just in time for the girls to get off the bus!

 7) Once the base of the spiderweb is complete, begin by tying knots on each string of the web, moving in a circle. Start with the largest circle. When complete, cut the string and start on a new, smaller circle.


 8) Continue until the desired number of circles is complete.


 9) Attach the spider in the desired location.


10) Try not to get stuck!


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