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Smile Kate–You’re FOUR!
Our darling little Kate recently turned four! Though her arrival was probably on the most inconvenient time and day ever, it worked out perfectly, like it always does when we move forward with a bit of faith. She showed up exactly when she intended to and has been doing so ever since.
It really wasn’t any surprise either that Katherine fit right in with her two older sisters. Though they’re as different as the flowers in the garden, they all add beauty, laughter, fierce independence, intelligence and innumerable other intrinsic qualities to our family.
Kate has a steady hand at Jenga.
Our now not-so-little gal now loves playing games (and she’s quite good at most of them), spends most days dressed up, can get her knees dirty but always wants her nails painted, gives the meanest scowl when she doesn’t get her way, loves hair bows and is quite the artist with a fantastic imagination.
 Oh, and she can talk like a scalawag pirate with the best of them.

She’s a natural animal tamer–as I fully expect all of my children to be with me as their mother, heehee.


And whoever says people don’t change obviously have no idea what they’re talking about. One of the things I admire about Kate and her sisters who so often teach her, is that she’s willing to try things that scare her, at least once. As a toddler, she wasn’t very fond of creepy, crawly bugs but after Claire showed her how fun they can be, she’s taken right to them and hasn’t looked back.

She loves feeling the wind in her hair…

…and won’t be surprised in the slightest when she falls in love with galloping a horse, combing her love of horses and wind-whipped hair.

She’s a fantastic big sister…

…and she loves to exercise, even if it makes her sweaty, sometimes chips a nail or is hard to do in a  skirt.


She had an extra special birthday this year with visiting grandparents and cousins. We played, went to the apple orchard, ate with Evelyn and Claire at school, colored, played games…

That mean wasp didn’t know it was her birthday!

 …except for the part where a wasp got her while she was climbing the playground. Obviously, it didn’t get the memo that it was her special day.


 And, of course, she had plenty of presents. She could hardly contain herself while they sat on the table.


One of her favorites–a walking, talking kitten. I asked if I should have just gotten a toy instead of Nova and she gravely told me no…she loves them both. That is definitely true of Kate–always room for everyone.


As the budding chef she is, she helped make and design her cake. Only in a little girl’s fantasy world do birds sit on pink nests surrounded with blue flowers and lay dozens and dozens of M&Ms as eggs. Hey. What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets!

Make a wish!
We are beyond blessed that Kate is part of our family and are still firmly convinced that she and her siblings will change the world. For now, she had a wonderful birthday and we’re looking forward to watching her grow between many more celebrations.
Happy Birthday, Kate!!!

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