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There’s a garden in there. Somewhere.
Though we got our garden in on time this year, it hasn’t flourished like we hoped. After an unseasonably cool spring, the garden fell victim to the roof. By victim, I mean I didn’t weed or water or barely look it for about a month while I mentally recovered from the long, hard labor of roofing.
Thanks for all your help, Henry!
One thing I loathe is untidiness. Ironic with so many children and a fixer-upper house and a farm with loads of filthy animals, I know. So, while Jack was away on a work trip, I decided to tackle the beast (we know how to party). We got a weed whacker, I drug the wheelbarrow over and we got to work.
Enjoying your nap, Hercules?

 I didn’t let my hopes get too high when I got to work. So much of the garden was choked out by weeds but I decided, if nothing else, a weeded garden would provide a perfect place for the cats to lounge.

Look at that big gal!

We’d have a few heart-pounding moments when the predators come out. More than one enormous spider ran over my hand while pulling weeds…thank goodness for gloves.

 I’d be able to finally hunt down all those missing eggs that the chickens had misplaced.
Surely, we’d be able to find enough veggies to make at least one salad. 
We discovered what exactly was too far gone…No, those aren’t pie pumpkins. They’re cucumbers.

Kate insisted we go inside. She was sweaty. Me, too. Me, too…

After literally hours of weeding, mowing, mulching, watering and weed whacking and one very full compost pile, the yard resembles somewhat of a normal garden again. We’ll only get a fraction of produce we could have gotten, but oh, well. You win some years, you lose some.


Oh. And I forgot to plant the potatoes. They let me know by practically crawling off the storage room shelves.

For now, I’m considering taming the wilderness the success.

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