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Last week, Jack was gone on another work trip, which sends me into the survival mode of single parenthood. So, naturally, I decided to cut my hair off. Like, a good 12 inches off. If that doesn’t help save time, I don’t know what would.


Though I’ve enjoyed donating my hair in the past, there’s always a bit of sadness when my locks are gone. So, I ran a mental pros and cons list of short versus long hair to make sure I wasn’t being too rash. Here it is:


 PROS (a.k.a. reasons to cut hair short):
1. I’ve gotten my long hair stuck in coat zippers. Cut it off just in time for winter coats. Phew!
2. I use waaaay too much shampoo and conditioner with long hair
3. I’ve gotten my long hair rolled up in car windows. Ouch!
4. Similarly, I’ve gotten long hair stuck in car seat belts. Also ouch!
5. It takes what feels like FOREVER for my long hair to air dry.
6. I hate hairdryers. More than once my long hair has been sucked up into the hairdryer. OWIE!
7. It doesn’t matter how much spray-in conditioner I sprtiz on, it takes FOREVER to brush long hair.
8. It takes like, one hair to clog the shower drain. Ew.
9. I’ve actually inhaled my own hair
10. I only wear four hairstyles: down, ponytail, sloppy bun or braid and even those are of questionable quality.
11. Henry uses my hair as leverage when he falls or needs to get up. Awesome.
12. A gust of wind = tangled hair.
13. Long hair is HEAVY!
14. I get distracted looking at split ends
15. Long hair is stiflingly HOT
16. I’m always dragging my hair through food
17. Long hair gets stuck under my purse strap All. The. Time.
18. I’m on hair donation like, six, I believe. I hope some happy women and kids are enjoying my otherwise plain Jane hair.
19. Always need a hair tie with long locks
20. I’ve slammed my hair in the door multiple times.
21. Long hair and dangly earrings don’t go well together…they inevitably get tangled. Short hair showcases earrings, which I love!
22. Any attempt at a high ponytail ends up drooping. Sad.
23.Long hair does not equal instant curling ability. Nope. Stick straight forever. Unless a professional styles it with a gallon of hairspray.
24. When I accidentally drop a loose strand of long hair into someone’s food, it’s enough to make them gag.
25. Despite having long hair, it does none of the cool things Rapunzel’s does
26. Long hair, I DO care
27. Etc, etc, etc…

CONS (a.k.a. reasons to leave hair long):

1. Kate looooves brushing and “fixing” my long hair She’ll brush it anyway
2. Long hair hides bad posture I’ll just work on standing up straight
3. Braids are trendy! Why would I want to look like everyone else?
4. Long hair makes me feel feminine Meh. I’m still a girl, even if my hair’s short
5. Henry won’t have anything to keep him from falling! He’ll learn to walk better without my hair as a crutch.
6. Kate has repeatedly told me she does not like my short hair She’ll get over it.
7. Short hair is chilly in the winter! I’ll wear a hat.
8. I can’t be Cousin It for Halloween! He wasn’t my favorite Addams anyway…
9. I’ve got nothing else…

See? There really are no reasons NOT to cut my hair off!

So, I did.
Thanks for the photo, Kate!
It’ll grow back.

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