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The boy is one!

Boy, that year went fast! It seems like only yesterday, we were trying to figure out what to name him and now, he’s a thriving, healthy, gigantic boy (he may be one, but he’s the size of a two year old) that has become an integral part of our family.

A happy way to start a birthday.

One of the girls’ favorite things about birthdays is that they get to do whatever they want, which they repeatedly told Henry (they fully expect him to understand everything they say to him. He is a year old, now). Sure, whatever the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets.

He can’t help himself around peaches.

Except eating crayons, chewing erasers off pencils, climbing on the dishwasher, crawling out of his high chair, sticking his finger in the pencil sharpener, yanking on the cat’s tail, pinching, screaming in my ear, throwing food, using inedible items as gum, munching on rolls of masking tape, playing in the dog water, sampling dirt, digging through the trash, etc. Otherwise, anything goes.

“Go ahead and have a peach, Henry. Just one, though.”
Somehow, he misunderstood that to mean the peach buffet was open, so he attempted to eat a second ENTIRE peach on his own. I stopped him. I also caught him on his third through one thousandth attempt, too.

It’s truly incredible to see how a tiny infant unfolds from such a helpless little bundle into their own person, with their own likes and disposition. Though Henry hasn’t told me, I know for a fact he loves eating, covets my ability to drive the mower, thinks being tossed in the air is thrilling and scary, loves his sisters and doesn’t care much for loud thunder.

Here comes trouble.

Though he’s not been my earliest walker, the time it took him to learn to walk was relatively short. With his sisters constantly cheering him and holding his hand and helping him up when he stumbled, within a few days, he switched from mostly crawling to mostly walking. He’s not running around just yet…

Hang on, Henry!
 …but he’s still always in the middle of the action.

We spend the day celebrating his birthday by eating at school with the older girls, swimming in the backyard pool, watching a thunderstorm roll by, decorating cupcakes, and opening presents. The fun thing about one year olds is they aren’t too picky when it comes to partying. We could have cleaned out the chicken coop and painted stair balusters and he would’ve been happy. If he’s with people he loves or if at the very least, there’s food, he’s pretty content.

Dad and son.

I’m not really big on smash cakes (why would you waste that much deliciousness?), but I did happen to have a slightly larger cupcake made from leftover batter and decided Henry could have it all to himself.

Gobbling it up.
 No wasting here–he ate it ALL.

If it’d been any other kid, I might have been shocked, but this is Henry we’re talking about. He could probably eat a small elephant if he had the chance.

He knows how to play to the camera.

We’re so glad to have been able to celebrate an eventful year with our bouncing baby boy. Here’s to many more happy years to come.

Happy Birthday, Henry!

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