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Preacher, Bug, Sassy, Star and CeCe.

This past week, we disappeared from our normal routine and found ourselves living the dream in Florida for a much-needed vacation and incredible family reunion.

Getting fitted for helmets.

One of the activities I’d been toying with doing is a ride on the beach. I’d taken Stoney to some lakes when we were younger and it’s always been a dream to ride him next to the ocean. Of course, since we’re still pretty far from the sea, a substitution for Stoney was needed.

Headed out!

After rounding up a few sister-in-laws, a niece, and my daughters, we found a place that–for a pretty penny–offered horseback rides on the beach. I rode double with Kate while Claire and Evelyn were on their own mounts. I’ve seriously never seen horses plod along so slowly.


More than once, we had to stop and wait for those faithful steeds to catch up with the rest of the herd. A nice girl that worked at the barn walked alongside them just to make sure everything was okay but those horses were the best babysitters I’ve ever seen. Stoney could even take a few lessons from Bug and Preacher.

C’mon, Preacher. Or as Claire called him, “Creature.”

For half an hour, we ambled along, over seashells and next to the rolling waves. We were only allowed to walk per state law, but I didn’t mind. It was nice to enjoy riding with my daughters all at the same time. I’ll go galloping through the surf another day.

Smile, Evelyn!
When we reached the turn-around point, we posed for photos and headed back the way we came.
Jack taking photos of us.

Jack and Henry came along and walked next to us for a while, eventually stopping so they could pick over seashells and waited for us to return.

Kate and me on Sassy. And she sure was, haha.

It was such a magical, memorable ride for me, especially during a year that Stoney’s been out of commission and I haven’t been able to ride as much. One of the many great experiences we had while in Florida, which I’m sure I’ll be talking about for years to come.

Smile, Sassy!

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