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Welcome to the Eliker Water Park!

While I was working on my next book manuscript before heading it to the editor (it’s soooo close! The Midnight Slaves will be launched 15 Aug 2016!!), Jack took the girls outside to cool off. They’d been helpful getting the house tidied up that morning and with the first week of temps breaking into the nineties, it was too hot to do much else. I thought they were going to roll out the pool and fill it up….

Oh, no, no. Jack’s much more creative than that.

I joined them half an hour later and found them playing in their own veritable water park. They’d rolled out a giant billboard tarp (I’ll tell you all about how we got a billboard tarp when I tell you about the roof) and had drug slides and playgrounds and pools over so they could have some real fun.

We were also the fortunate recipients of some of those quick-fill water balloons. It’s hilarious watching the girls try to chuck water balloons at each other, only to have them bounce off their target without breaking. They just don’t have the force necessary to effectively have a water balloon battle. Jack, on the other hand, managed to pummel everyone at least a few times, sometimes to the point of tears. I’m happy to report I had my revenge and he came inside pretty soaked, too. And, of course, Henry was thrilled to be able to crawl along and be in the middle of some of the action.

Not wanting to be left out, we pulled the hose over to the sweaty, fly-covered horses and let them enjoy the cool water too. You know it’s hot out when Stoney and Dancer don’t run away from being hosed off. They loved the temporary reprieve from the heat and biting flies and probably would have joined us at our little water park if we’d let them.

Jack showing the girls how to slip ‘n’ slide.

I know some dislike the dog days of summer, but I’m not one of  them. With a little water, it’s one of the best times of the year!

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