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First day of swim lessons!

By the time I was two, thanks to an annual family vacation involving a pool and a lake, I was swimming, face under water and all. Seeing as I was too young to remember learning how to swim, I’ve found it a challenge to teach my girls. So, lucky us, we found an intensive beginner swim course that would take all three of them at once. No more being left out for you, Kate!

Claire definitely had the biggest kick.

We were at the pool, bright and early every morning for two weeks. The girls loved rushing through their chores and I’ve never seen them eat breakfast so fast, just so they could shimmy into their swimsuits and head to their class. If nothing else, they loved being able to splash around in the enormous pool. I tried to stay out of the way, but could hear their teachers more than once tell them to quit swimming away from the group. Thank goodness they had some free time at the end of class to go nuts.

My little water bugs. Or mermaids. Dolphins? Whatever they feel like being that day.

Funnily enough, though the lessons started late June, several days of the weather ended up being too chilly to enjoy being outside, so they were moved to the inside pool where they zipped around the water with the water aerobics class, which, by the way, was full of adorable grandparent-types who were all smiles and stories as they watched the children.

By the end of the session, the girls mastered several skills–going all the way under the water, floating and different types of strokes, had their swimsuit tan started and were begging for another chance to get in the water. I think it was a success!

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