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Kindergarten, 2nd, and Envious Little Sister
Today was the first day of school for Evelyn and Claire, the very, very first time Claire has ever been away from me for more than a few hours. It was incredibly bittersweet, as it should be, but the girls handled it like champs without a single hint of a tear as I dropped them off.
(Glad to know they aren’t too dependent on me, I guess!)
Anxiously awaiting a ride on the school bus.

It started last night when I took Claire and the rest of the kids to the Kindergarten Curiosity where we dropped off supplies, met with the teacher (who was Evelyn’s kindergarten teacher–yay!!) and took a bus ride around the block. Once we got home, everyone had a quick bath and a bowl of ice cream while I read a chapter in one of their books. While they technically made it to bed on time, there was just a little too much excitement to fall asleep. Like, it took an hour or so before everyone calmed down.

They’re home!

Once I dropped off the older girls, it was just Kate, Henry and me. At first, Kate wasn’t a fan of being left behind but quickly warmed up to the idea. She got to ride in the basket of the shopping cart without competition, the Legos were all hers, Nova had her undivided attention AND she got to watch whatever television show she wanted. By the time her sisters hopped off the bus, she was super excited to have them back.

Movie night!
It was a tiring day for me too (on top of being a bit emotionally drained, somehow the laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning all landed on the same day…), so instead of our usual homemade pizza and movie night, I cut up veggies and fruit, made our favorite cream cheese fruit dip and put out hummus with pita chips. Everyone was happy.
I’m amazed how quickly these little babies grow up into independent, intelligent, clever, beautiful people. Having great teachers is a huge blessing too–Evelyn assures me her teacher is incredibly funny, which is important to kids, and Claire’s, I’ve seen stop naughty behavior with a snap, a stern look and a, “No, thank you.” Gotta hand it to those wonderful teachers!
Happy First Day of School, Everyone (whenever it happens to be)!

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