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I see some familiar faces at the start of the race!
When we went back to Nebraska over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to sign the girls and their cousins up for a mile fun run race early on a Saturday morning.
I was a little concerned that the girls would struggle with the run (well, except Kate and Elsa, who did it right by cruising along in the double jogging stroller), but everyone ran like the wind. I think it was a combination of the cool weather, the excitement of the race and having their cousins running with them.
Kaylee and Claire in front, whooping us all.
Everyone finished the mile course in less than twelve minutes, which, when you think of it, is pretty fast, especially for the lengths of their legs. It’s especially impressive for Claire and Kaylee, who probably ran about five miles total because they kept zig-zagging back and forth out of excitement the entire course.
Distracted by a giant woolly mammoth.
We stuck around for a while afterward to play some games, visit with some former neighbors from our childhood and happily, everyone won a prize from the raffle. Fun!
Guess I’d better sign up everyone to do a half marathon with me next.

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