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Evelyn is now seven. It seems like only yesterday that she decided the timing was right. We’d been trying for two years to have a baby with no luck…imagine our surprise when I found out my uneasy stomach was not from vertigo while roofing the house, but in fact, morning sickness. We were so in love with her and still are. Her appearance was the start of a quick succession of children from which we’ve never looked back.
Evelyn’s opinion of herself (except she’s not six anymore!)

 Evelyn is a walking contradiction a lot of times. She can be silly and wild but shy and reserved. She’s bold with her sisters but is happy to be an obedient observer around others. She’s a farm girl at heart that isn’t afraid of a few calluses or dirty knees, but loves to wear pretty dresses and paint her nails.

The Cowgirl.
Evelyn  has an endless list of interests, from art to sewing, jewelry making to reading. She is incredibly competitive, especially when it comes to family night kickball, and loves school, computers, camping, swimming and being outside.
Evelyn could push babies in a swing for hours.
Of the many things Evelyn is good at, one of the best is her innate mothering instinct. Ever since Claire was born and Evelyn cuddled her and fell asleep with her new baby sister on her lap, she’s been an excellent sister. She can make the poutiest baby laugh, loves to play with her sisters and willingly confronts her own fears to protect them.g-8022362
It’s always and adventure with Evelyn!
Stoney enjoys a scratch on his nose from Evelyn.

Though Evelyn was born with a lot of good characteristics ingrained in her personality, over the last seven years, she’s

Still loves her chickens.
Henry didn’t care for the singing.

She requested a pink kitty cake…what else?
Happy Seventh, Evelyn!

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