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We’ve been ready to put in a garden for a while but with all this April Fool’s spring weather we’ve been having, Mother Nature obviously wasn’t. So, we waited until a day after Indiana’s official frost date before putting in the plants and seeds.
One of our favorite places!
Luckily for us, there’s an awesome nursery just a few miles from us and we’re all practically kids in a candy store. There are thousands of plants in their giant greenhouse and it’s a treat to walk up and down the aisles, choosing what was going in this year. We picked out our vegetables, let the girls all choose a flower to plant in a pot and headed back home.
Kate putting in a cabbage.

We waited for the sun to start going down (and still managed to get a tad sunburned) and hurried to put everything in. After experimenting a bit the last few years, this year we settled on tomatoes, onions, cabbage Brussels sprouts, green beans, peanuts, red and green bell peppers, poblano peppers, serano peppers, banana peppers, butternut squash, cucumbers, acorn squash and peas. There are still potatoes, sunflowers, sweet corn, popcorn, pie pumpkins and wildflowers to put in, but those’ll be a pretty quick chore if we do it together.

And of course, being the big boy he is, Henry is all about helping.
Thankfully, some plants have been taking care of themselves. The garlic and chives we put in a few years ago have heartily come back and the lettuce and jalapeno peppers are doing nicely in the aquaponics tank.
Watering her violas.

The flowers were the last to be put in and even though they won’t provide food, they sure make a house look welcome and beautiful. We ended the evening of hard work with popsicles (and trying not to laugh too hard when Henry couldn’t quite understand the concept of waiting his turn).


In a few months, we’ll be fighting back weeds, mosquitoes and blistering heat which is why I probably enjoy planting the garden so much–it’s like working in Eden when the weeds are practically non-existent, the bugs haven’t hatched yet and the weather’s beautiful. That’s the kind off tending and tilling the earth that makes me grateful we live on our own slice of heaven.

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