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Getting set up!

I don’t like to do things outside of my comfort zone, but I try to do them anyway, because they’re usually good for me. Like attending author fairs and book signings.

Setting up with my friend, Jennifer.

It’s not that I don’t like seeing what other authors have been up to, it’s that I’m horrible at pitching my books, my inner introvert makes me want to escape to the nearest cave and the thought of meeting new people admittedly makes me nervous. Thankfully, there were a few friends who came for a visit and my table was set right next to a friend who worked on the Indianapolis Temple Cultural Celebration with me and who is also an author.


A few weeks ago, I talked myself into signing up to attend an author fair in Indy (at 11:50pm before a midnight deadline–how’s THAT for procrastinating!) and last Saturday, the day came. It was held at a local public library and the room was packed with authors from all sorts of genres and from several different states and we had lots and lots of patrons come visit. Time flew by as I forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone and chatted with tons of enthusiastic book readers, several who were fellow horse lovers. All in all, I was pleased with my book sales and the new readers I met.

Everyone gearing up for the event!

If I’m truly honest with myself, I will admit I’m already looking forward to the next book signing/author fair, which, lucky me, is coming late September!

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