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We had a fun few weeks leading up to Halloween and the weekend itself was fantastic. Jack returned from a business trip to Boston just in time to join us for our church’s annual chili cook off and trunk or treat activity where the girls got to dress up yet again in their costumes.
Beautiful location for a race!

We stayed up a bit late, watching some fun, spooky shows, then headed to bed to get some rest before my first 5k post-baby, on Halloween, no less!

Soooo many HILLS.
It was a chilly Halloween morning and the race started about half an hour late, but the course was beautiful. I thought of pushing Henry in the stroller but am eternally grateful that I left him snoozing all warm and snuggly with Jack because it felt like the majority of the course was uphill (my legs are still sore!). However, I do wish I would have taken Raven. She’s a great jogging buddy but when I asked if I could run with my dog, the head official frowned on it without giving a definite yes or no. Come to find out, dozens of other people ran with their dogs anyway. Boo! I’ll just have to find a dog-friendly race to take her to next time.
Jack, the fox, Raven and Henry waiting for the race to start.
My mom has asked why I like running races. I enjoy the scenery, the motivation to continue working out, the feeling of stepping across the finish line…I also like treating myself afterwards. This time, we went out for crepes!
Everyone ordered a different crepe and we passed them around the table to share!
We hung out at home after lunch, enjoying a lazy afternoon until we were ready to go out trick or treating. I put makeup on everyone–including Jack–and we went to town to wander the neighborhoods, begging for candy. Even Jack was mistaken as a middle-aged trick or treater. Funnily, it wasn’t the first time it’s happened. Apparently a father can’t get dressed up and carry his daughter’s heavy candy buckets without people wondering why a 30 year old is trick or treating. I laugh about it every time! The weather was fantastic too, especially compared to last year’s freezing temps and snowfall. It sprinkled a bit but was warm enough that it wasn’t a bother. When the girls were tired of walking and carrying their buckets, we headed home.
Jack dressed as the devil a fox.

Part of our Halloween tradition has been to stop by our neighbor’s house to show off our costumes. Jack walked in the door and Dian said, “Who are you supposed to be? The devil?” Between that comment, their silly glasses and goofy hats, we had a hilarious end to Halloween.

Our neighbors, Skip and Dian know how to get the girls to laugh!
Though the free candy and dressing up is officially over, we managed to stretch Halloween out for a few more days. We decorated our cookies on Sunday. The girls are getting more skilled with their frosting abilities though half of it still ends up on the table or in their mouths. Still, they were adorable with the help of some decorative eyeballs and different colored frosting.
Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Today, we went to the store and stocked up on discounted Halloween decorations and promptly tucked them away so they aren’t played with to death by the girls.

Get used to being dressed up by your sisters, Henry.

As usual, we had a fun, slightly spooky and happy October filled with friends, family time and candy. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Happy Halloween from the Eliker Zoo!

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