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I remember making butter in elementary school when we were doing a unit on pioneers. It was fun shaking the jar for all of five seconds until my arm got tired. Honestly, I don’t remember if my cream ever way agitated enough to make butter. Anyway, purchasing a milk cow is on our list of animals to add to the farm and if we’ve got gallons of fresh milk coming in, I decided I’d better figure out what to do with all of it. So, learning how to make butter was on my 2015 list of goals. It took less than ten minutes, only two ingredients and we even used up the buttermilk to make bread. Time to get a cow!


2 cups cream
Pinch or two of salt (optional)

Pour the cream and salt (if using) into a food processor and turn on high for five or six minutes or until curds separate from the buttermilk. Pour off excess liquid and “rinse” the curds with a few tablespoons of ice cold water, pulsing a couple of times. Pour off the excess liquid and rinse once more (to extend the shelf life of the butter). Pour off excess liquid and strain butter through sieve, pressing slightly to separate buttermilk out. Put in container or roll into logs and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until firm.

Totally homemade. Oh, yum.

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