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What a beautiful sunset!

Henry’s coming up on a few months old and I’ve been cleared to return to normal activity (though honestly, I guess I hadn’t been keeping from most of my normal activities anyway, but hey, now it’s official). I’ve been anxious to get back to running because I love the feel of being in good shape, getting out for some fresh air and quiet scenery and for time to think.

Evelyn barely fits in our single jogging stroller anymore!

 Of course, what I always forget is what a pain it is to get back into good shape. Quite literally. My muscles are sore, my lungs burn, my joints hurt…if only I could have an epidural for the first few weeks of running, teeheehee.

Claire came with me one chilly morning.

The first week, it was just me and Raven. Though Raven runs a gazillion miles of circles around everyone and fetching everything, from sticks, bouncy balls and soccer balls when she goes outside with us (she’s really vamped up her repertoire for things she’ll chase down lately!), she’s always more than willing to go for a jog. Her confidence has really soared this past year too and instead of tripping me and cowering when we’re passed by cars on the road, she now moves over cautiously and wags her tail a bit. She’s a great running buddy.

Sometimes Evelyn gets out and runs along the abandoned road near our house. She’s determined to run a race with me!

A week into regularly jogging, I decided it was time to start bringing the girls. Though we have a double jogging stroller, it’s on it’s last leg and frankly, I don’t really like to push two kids but I will if I have to. So, I’ve been using our single jogging stroller, strapping Raven to it and let her do most of the pulling while the girls and I enjoy some one on one time. Next spring, when the weather’s warming back up and Henry’s able to sit up on his own, he’ll be put on the rotation, too.

Raven could pull the stroller herself.

We chat about whatever’s on their mind, look out for deer, foxes, coyotes, blue herons and other wildlife, enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather, sunrises and sunsets, listen to LOTS of Disney and Pixar music (think Tangled, Frozen, How to Train A Dragon, Pocahontas or Mulan–it’s so upbeat and has a great tempo to jog to!) and sometimes, the girls get out and run alongside me, intent on being able to run a race with me someday.

Getting back from a foggy morning jog!
When I go for a joy ride, it’s on Stoney. When I go for a joy run, it’s with my girls.

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