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Say, “Hi!” Jack!
A few weeks back, Rolls Royce threw a party to celebrate 100 years of innovative work in the aerospace industry. Having worked for Rolls Royce for about three years, Jack was invited to attend the gathering at the airport where several of the planes that Jack has personally helped design were on display.
The girls liked this one because it had a mouth.
Though it took us a while to get there (“a while” being a bit of an understatement) because we had to ride a shuttle bus from the parking to where the party was, the girls thought the ride on the charter bus was one of the highlights. Kids are so easy to please.
Henry and I squished our way into one of the tiny cockpits.
By the time we arrived, lunch was already being served, so we helped ourselves to food, free cups and Jack got a free t-shirt. Well fed, we ventured out into the beautiful weather where we took the opportunity to tour some airplanes.
Evelyn’s dream come true…a tour of the FedEx plane!
We drive by the airport quite frequently and FedEx has a major hub in Indy, so the girls made a beeline for the giant FedEx jet. We stood in line, finally made it up to the top and the girls gleefully discovered the ENTIRE belly of the airplane was empty. It was like their very own airplane playground.
Waiting in line just to get to the party.

Halfway through the fun, the girls were pretty worn out. We’d already stood in line to get there, in line to use the bathroom, in line to eat, in line to see each and every plane and their fatigue was beginning to show. They battled for the stroller and when it wasn’t their turn to sit, they sprawled out on the pavement. I remember the feeling well, having attended many, many other airshows because of several relatives who have or are serving in various air forces.

Still, we pressed on and looked at a few more planes…
Smile everyone!
…and snapped a few more photos…
Smile again!
…until it was apparent everyone had had enough.
Claire personified how everyone was feeling by the end of the long day.
We were exhausted by the time we finally left but it was an event to  remember!
A fun day with day with daddy!

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