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Spent an evening warming ourselves by the fire.
It’s coming to the end of the camping season (yes, I know there are people who camp in the winter and Claire claims she wants to be one of them, but I draw the line for sleeping outside when the temperature dips below freezing) and I was admittedly a bit sad that we’d only gone one time this entire year. Yes, it was fun camping and canoeing on Sugar Creek but between being pregnant, the monsoon weather earlier in the summer and weekends taken up by meetings and other commitments, we just couldn’t find time to go.

Going camping with a one month old baby isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but I decided to risk it. The weather promised to be beautiful and since Henry’s a stellar sleeper already, we packed up the car and headed to Lieber State Park, the nearest campground. If it was too unbearable, I could always compel the rest of the family to pack up and head home.

Done with dinner and ready for a walk.

We arrived in time for a late dinner and while Jack kindled a fire, the girls and I unpacked and helped get camp set up. We ate, the girls ran wild (I bet it made the few people who decided to camp near us a bit uneasy, having girls shrieking all evening–I have to let them blow off steam somehow!) and then we headed to the park where Raven, Henry and I watched Jack push the girls on a tire swing, then played some sort of made up game where they tried to escape a little wooden playhouse and Jack tried to keep them in.

The moon was so eerily beautiful.

We came back for campfire cones and everyone got ready for bed. I didn’t want to risk staying up late in case Henry decided he didn’t care for primitive camping, so we were all in bed before ten. As I drifted off, all I could do was hope for the best…

Hardly made a peep all night!
Turns out, it was the best sleep I’ve gotten on a camp out yet!
Sugaring up for breakfast.
The girls all had chosen out a wormy doughnut for breakfast and after quickly packing up to avoid the possibility of rain, we drove down to the lake for a serene stroll at water’s edge.
Such a beautiful morning to spend lakeside.
Maybe we’ll fit in another camping trip this year if they go so well…
Even Raven enjoyed herself, though she was just as excited to get back home.

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