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It’s Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence and Spike! And I’m the pregnant lady…

One of the perks of living near a large city is that there’s always something going on. This weekend is the huge Gen Con gathering that brings out people in droves to test, buy, auction, sell, borrow or role play thousands of games. Of course, lots of them dress up as their favorite characters too.

Kate Pinkie Pie overlooking the massive card stacking display.

Though that isn’t my scene, Jack asked if I wanted to go, so the girls and I channeled our inner geek and went to see the spectacle. Though I couldn’t be bothered to dress up, the girls were all too excited to put on their My Little Pony costumes from this past Halloween and skip through the convention as Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence and Pinkie Pie. They were a hit and more than once were asked to pose for a photo. Being a celebrity is rough.

We found some friends who were visiting from Minnesota and wandered over to stack some cards ourselves.

We mostly just walked around, people watching, and saw all kinds of costumes from Link and Xelda to Rainbow Dash, Spike, a double-tailed grey fox, a green eyed skeleton thing, some Klingons, purple aliens, LOTS of Batmans and kitty cats and a herd of zombies. Not surprisingly, we spotted a few friends roaming the convention center too so we chatted around the card stacking area.

Watching a remote controlled robot board game.

We were weary and our feet ached by the time we were ready to leave and though it wasn’t any kind of highlight of my year, I can now cross off that I’ve attended a Gen Con in a major city. The girls loved it, Jack had a good time and I was reminded that when it comes to geekiness, I’ll stick with being a geek for horses.

Leaving the convention center…until next year!

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