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The big sisters!

I’d been hoping and praying that our baby boy would arrive after the cultural celebration and temple dedication. Not that I would be disappointed, but I was really hoping that I’d get to be a part of both. Luckily, I got my wish. I took it easy the week before, was able to go to both spectacular events and the following Monday, got back to work.

Just born!

All of our kids have arrived later than their due date, so imagine my surprise when I rolled out of bed five days before my due date and my water broke. Good thing I’d been preparing for a few weeks and with the kids and animals taken care of and the house in order, we left to go to the hospital.

Father and son.

My labors have always been long (yay…), so we tried what we could to speed it up. Between walking, a labor chair, resting in bed and pretending to ride a horse while sitting atop a giant peanut-shaped yoga ball, I progressed to a nine. Then promptly got stuck. After trying to overcome for a few hours, I opted for an epidural so I could relax and within an hour, our giant baby boy was born shortly after nine in the evening.

And I thought I was delirious late last night…Jack’s always good for a laugh!

He weighed in at eight pounds, thirteen ounces, which is not the heaviest baby I’ve delivered but at a whopping twenty-two and a quarter inches, he’s definitely the tallest. He’s got Jack’s nose and hair color and is already obviously a sweetheart.

Kate taking her first peak at her baby brother.
Welcome Harry Potter Eliker!
No…no…that’s not right.
Orson Wells Eliker?
Nope…that’s not it either…
Maybe Kody Dody Eliker?
That was Kate’s contribution…
Perhaps Peter Pan Eliker?
Uh, sorry, Evelyn…
How about Meatball Spiderman Eliker?
Thank you, but no, Claire.
Indiana Jones Eliker?
I do love Indiana Jones…but, no.
Well, we’ll have to fill you in on a name when we decide.
Welcome, Baby Boy Eliker!

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