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Well, hello, baby.
Ever since we found out we were pregnant, we’ve been asked the age-old question:

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

With each successive girl, the questioning has morphed from boy or girl to an increasingly fervent and frantic Are you hoping for a boy? Or, my all-time favorite, Is your husband hoping for a boy? Because, you know, all fathers really want are boys. Girls are fine until a boy comes along (I’m being horribly sarcastic, but that’s what the question implies). Well, we’re happy to announce, it’s a…

Hang on.

Before we spill the beans, let me just share my thoughts about the question. First of all, I always thought it was a bit futile to ask if one gender is preferred over another. Sure, it’s fun to speculate in casual conversation but let’s face it: it’s not really a choice. Unless, of course, you have access to expensive scientific equipment and are really that set on one or the other. And if you’re disappointed with the gender you randomly get, what would anyone really do about it? Exchange the baby? Sounds like some kind of post-apocalyptic best selling fiction novel. So, when people ask if we’re hoping for a boy, or more specifically, Jack is hoping for a boy, I do my best not give a massive eye roll.

Those little feet rarely sit still.

When people find out we’re having a fourth baby after three girls, we have heard all kinds of explanations about why we should be hoping for a boy. To pass on the family name (again, I suppress an eye roll–it’s not my family name. I already kissed mine goodbye when we were wed). Jack needs a boy so he won’t be so outnumbered (Ha! One more boy isn’t going to put a dent in our boy to girl ratio at our house. Between the girls and I, there are hens and mares that only add to our stats). Jack needs a buddy (I want to ask if they know Jack. At all. He has no problem being a manly man only to turn around and have tea parties with his girls). The comments pitying the future me who will have to put up with at least three hormonal teenage girls (I really wish women who made this comment would understand the irony of it coming from them. I am never shy telling them that I was a perfectly pleasant teenager and I don’t foresee anything but the same from my own girls). The list of ridiculous reasons to earnestly hope for a boy after so many girls continues.

Claire being wild and crazy.

Many times, I’ve explained to friends and family to complete strangers that I wouldn’t feel any less fulfilled if we had a dozen girls, and no boys, that we won’t be “done” having children if we happen to have a boy and that of anyone, Jack probably cares the least whether we’re having a boy or not.

Evelyn helping unload soil for the garden.

Whether it be a boy or a girl, they’ll learn to ride horses, collect eggs, do home improvements, use power tools, cook and clean and have fun and be well-rounded, just like everyone else. Boy or girl, they’ll be welcome into our family. That allllll being said…

(And nobody better ask me if Jack is relieved)
See you soon, sweet baby!

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