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Family time is my favorite time. I do enjoy a bit of solitude during the day while the girls rest so that I can recollect, but I love the commotion, fun and hard work that seems inevitable when we’re all together.
Next time I plan a garden, I fully intend on putting them in straight rows. Oh, well.
If we’re not tilling and preparing the garden…
…we’re hammering together bee boxes for a new hive…
…or putting the master bathroom. Seriously, what little girl wouldn’t want to be spending her free time puttying? It’s quickly becoming our girls’ favorite pasttime. It’s not all work when we’re all together, though.
There are plenty of climbing lessons, compliments of Jack…
Watching General Conference and coloring. Naturally.
…breaks from work to attend church…
…and visits to nice restaurants.
Evelyn made a point to try every single meat. She is a carnivore.

Really. Jack took us to Fogo de Chao, a ritzy restaurant in downtown Indy that’s basically a glorified buffet. But boy, is it deeeeeelicious. Claire and Kate ate their weight in rolls (which was a lot because they were made of air and calories) and Evelyn consumed an entire cow (or pretty close). To top it off, the kids were free and we had a half off coupon. Family time is even more fun when it’s cheaper than expected.

So many memories together.
Claire starting off with a light salad before the meats came around.
Bottom line: family time is awesome.

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