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Getting ready to start another project!
After a full and eventful day yesterday, it ended on an equally chaotic but fun note. Jack works with the younger scouts through church and since we’ve got a bit of space, they came out for an overnight camp out. They arrived, got a fire going, set up tents and lived up to their slogan of doing a good turn daily.
Learning to use a miter saw.

 It was a learning experience for them. Most of them hadn’t laid hands on power tools before but after some instruction and watching over, they were more than eager to cut and secure our top rail of fencing.

Just getting started.
They worked well and at the end of two hours, we were getting pretty efficient. The sun was setting though and there were a few groans about their rumbling stomachs but Jack teased them that a pregnant woman (me) was working harder than they were. There weren’t many comments after that. After all, boys don’t ever want to be outdone by any sort of girl when they’re that age.
Cooking up dinner.
While working on the fence, Jack and another young man got dinner started. We still had the two roosters we’d butchered last fall in the freezer and with some barbecue sauce, seasonings and stuffed with wild chives then smoked and cooked over the fire, they turned out really well. Our girls, even knowing it was their old playmates, ate as much chicken as anyone. Nothing like being connected to your food source.
Jack got a little carried away lighting tiki torches.
Once the sun went down, we broke out the s’mores and lit the tiki torches. The adults sat down and chatted while the boys made up games to play in the dark. Evelyn and Claire insisted they wanted to sleep outside but Kate had resolved to sleep in her own bed. We all stayed up way past our bedtimes but once in a while, I think it’s important to enjoy a bit of indulgence. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the insects were almost non-existent and the conversation was lively.
Craft day!
After too little sleep, we woke up and was surprised to see the rest of the fence rails had been set. Our rooster had done his duty and woken everyone up at the crack of dawn so they decided to do another good turn and finish what they’d started before leaving for a merit badge clinic. I took the girls with me and spent the morning recovering by doing crafts with a bunch of ladies from church. It was just the thing we needed after an evening of hard work.
And a long nap.
Thank you to the Scouts for helping us get another good start on a much needed project!

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