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Getting started on the mud room tile!

I’ve had stacks and stacks of tile around the house for a few weeks and I finally decided to tackle the mud room. Of course, with any project, preparation is key so I called in the girls to help pull up the smelly, cracking linoleum (reminded me of the shoe room carpet). They’ll do just about anything for a quarter and I’m glad of the help.

Claire and Kate are always willing to help if it means a quarter in the piggy bank.

Then it was just a matter of laying rows of tile with a few cuts here and there. Though I’m no fan of saws, the tile saw is fairly innocent and straightforward.

I like grouting waaaaay more than tiling.

Once I was done, it was a matter of grouting the tile and keeping everyone off. I did my best, but Raven is quite sneaky when she wants to go nap in the dark, cool food storage room. Thankfully, no harm done and she avoided stepping on any of the drying grout lines.

Jack helping out with some of the master bath tiling.

If I weren’t sick of tiling after the mud room, it was only a warm up for the master bath shower and floor. I have fairly simple tastes but Jack can get rather extravagant (just ask his mother about the wedding cake he requested when we were married). But, I must admit, though it was quite the challenge to tile, it really turned out beautiful.

Jack’s vision for the master bath shower.
Now to grout the shower…
Who wants another quarter?

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