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The only thing Raven loves more than snow is mud.

A year ago today, Jack shocked all of us–me the most–by walking in with Raven. Not only was it incredibly that he’d finally agreed to get a dog, but he actually allowed her in the house. I felt rather spoiled getting my way.


The year has gone quickly, and kind of like the kids, she feels like she’s always been a part of the family. She went from an incredibly timid, underweight dog in need of rescue from the rescue who didn’t know how to walk on a leash, what cats were or that eating shoes was a no-no to a happy, healthy dog who loves to run and do chores morning and night with me and only chews shoes if they’re left overnight in her room (it’s a great motivation to get the girls to put their shoes in the shoe closet).

Playing on the jungle gym.

Evelyn is still a crazy chicken lady, Claire prefers the cats, I’m all about the horses but Kate definitely prefers dogs. Everything is well-loved here.


Despite Raven’s imperfections (hey, we’ve all got them), she really is an awesome dog. Lots of dogs have good traits, but not all have the bonus ones we needed for our family. She’s sweet, gentle taking treats, hardly ever barks, loves kids (and only occasionally knocks them over when she gets excited because they’re excited), subservient to the cats, stays on our property, comes when called and doesn’t attack poultry or nip at horse heels. She’s a great farm dog.

Sun, warmth and a tummy rub.

We’re looking forward to many more years with Raven, more miles jogging, camping trips and help keeping the fox away. Raven’s got it good, but so do we.

She LOVES running in the snow.
Happy one year adoptiversary, Raven!

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