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We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, not because it was perfect or grandiose, but because it was filled with love in its many forms. But really, Valentine’s Day is nothing special because I can see this kind of love daily. Instead of declaring what love isn’t, here’s what love is…

Stuffed, but going back for more.

Love is being asked on a date by Jack to go to a fancy buffet once a year just because he likes to spoil me on occasion.

Let’s just say, Evelyn wasn’t feeling well.
Love is voluntarily taking turns caring for the children when they’re not feeling well. Not exactly fun but very necessary.
Raven playing with her buddy, Jack.
Love is having a friend to play with.
Love is buying your daughters flowers.
Love is chopping wood to keep your family warm, even when you’re sick yourself.
Love is staying up all night with an ill child…
Feeling loads better.
…and the relief you feel when they are better…
…and trying to make your sister feel better after you get her sick.
Love is being generous with your hugs…
…and your chocolate.

Love is doing last minute repairs, like fixing the garage door, before you’re gone for a long work trip so no one has to park outside.

She packed Skittles, a book and some clothes to go with Jack.
Love is packing up and trying to go with dad on his work trip.

Love is many things. Bottom line is, love is abundant here.

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