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Unrivaled dimples and a never-ending giggly personality.

Claire just celebrated her fourth birthday (though when she came in our room that morning and we asked how old she was, she excited shouted, “I’m eight!”). It’s an interesting thing having a child–four years really isn’t all that long to know someone, but at the same time, it seems like she’s been party of our family forever. It’s only natural to have Claire around.

Pushing Kate on the bike while we waited for Evie to get off the school bus.

Claire is usually the life of the party–quick to laugh and make others smile, but she is also incredibly intelligent (just see her engineering skills), athletic, fearless and very kind and tenderhearted. Her heart breaks easily and as a result, she’s quick to help others, whether it’s pushing them on a bike, picking up something they dropped or sharing her toys. That being said, she also has a blood curdling scream that lets everyone know when she’s not in the mood to share.

Whipping up a cake.

I don’t mind spoiling my girls at all on their birthday. It’s a rare occasion that they get toys and sweets and all the attention. Claire is the middle child and flourishes when she has an entire day of whatever she wants.


Luckily, Claire was able to celebrate her special day over the weekend, surrounded by friends and family (thank goodness for Skype!). We spend the morning making a very lavish, decked-out My Little Ponies rainbow-cake-with-grass-and-clouds-and-waterfalls-and-the-sun-and-clouds (as specified by Claire…I really should get a cake decorating kit), then opened presents and watched a few shows of her choosing…which meant My Little Pony reruns all day.

Second attempt at blowing out candles.
The weather was cloudy but decent so we went outside and fed the horses…
She’s always teasing the horses.
 …and of course, made a stop at the swings.

Jack and I had a late meeting but Claire wasn’t bothered at all–she got to spend the evening with some of her favorite babysitters and got to stay up late. So, did Claire have a good birthday?

All tuckered out.
I think so!

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