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Run, Rachael! Run!

Thinking I could fit in one more race this year, I signed up for a 10k mid-October when the weather was warm, but not too hot and I was loving start of autumn.

Getting started!
This morning, I rolled out of bed before six and wondered what on earth I’d done.
I told Jack no photos of me from behind because he always gets me mid-jiggle. This one was acceptable.

With the girls happily in tow (because they got funny, smiley worm-looking donuts for coming so early with Jack and me), we headed to downtown Indy for the race. Despite the frigid temperature which barely broke 20F by the time the cannon fired to signal the start, I warmed up quickly and had a successful run.

Near downtown on the canal.

It always helps when the scenery during a race is engaging. This particular run was along the canal and was chalked full of art, museums, ducks, geese and interesting people.

Not many people decided to do the 10k…it was a little lonely for a while.

I had the goal of finishing in under and hour and thanks to my competitive drive which hates to be behind other people, I think I did pretty decently. I finished in 54:46, which was a 10 minute improvement and a PR from the last 10k I did.

All bundled up and ready to run! (Or watch).

The cool down was at home doing the chores and after a hot shower and a nap, I feel back to normal. And one more goal crossed off the 2014 list!

What are you hoping to accomplish before year’s end???

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