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It’s no secret that the girls and I love Halloween and since we outnumber Jack four to one, every decoration we make has to have a little flare. My sister sent some cute signs which I proudly displayed outside. That night, we made our very own witch broom to park in between. They’re really simple to make and with a few beads or crystals glued on to add a little sparkle, any witch would love to be seen riding one. Kids can help if you’re cautious and most of the materials are easy to find (it was a good reason to go out and weed the pasture a bit, haha), making it a quick, cost-effective Halloween decoration!


You’ll need:

1 stick or dowel of desired size
Straw, dried weeds, sticks–anything long and broom bristle-like
Twine or string
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Crystals or beads

I’ve always got plenty of weeds and sticks lying around…

1. After selecting a broomstick and the bristles, cut the bristle material into similar lengths. While you can cut the bristles so they’re smooth, I think a messy broom looks a little more witch-like. If there is such a thing.

If you’re going to have a bushy broom, lay everything the same direction.

2. With the broomstick in the middle and near the bottom of the bristles (to help steady the broom while standing), wrap twine or string around the bristle material. It was helpful to have an extra set of hands and to tie a knot around the material to hold it in place before wrapping. Glue ends when finished wrapping.


3. Repeat step two once or twice more.

4. Glue crystals/beads to broomstick and bristles.


5. Display proudly!

Happy Halloween!

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