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Recognize anyone famous? The original drummer of Imagine Dragons is sitting right behind me…

I was reviewing my list of goals this past month and have been rather pleased at how many have been achieved already this year. Then it got me thinking: what new goals would I have next year (I like to plan ahead, haha). I looked at a few other people’s goal list and found it interesting that several people put on their bucket list that they wanted to meet someone famous (one guy had that he wanted to see the Northern Lights AND the Aurora Borealis–Hey! That’s cheating!). Though I wouldn’t consider meeting someone famous as lifelong dream, it got me thinking about people, who are considered well-known in one way or another, that I have met.

Meeting Sheri Dew. And I had no idea who she was.

Most “celebrities” have been people who are known well in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsGordon B. Hinckley was ten feet away and waved at me at a temple dedication, I shook hands with Russell M. Nelson after a stake conference and listened to M. Russell Ballard give a discourse during my mission. I also hugged Sheri Dew and had a photo snapped with her before I even knew who she really was.

Andrew’s (far left) now jamming with The Moth and The Flame.  (Source)

Funnily enough, several notable people I met were during my time serving an 18 month mission for my church and in subsequent years attending church (who says church isn’t awesome???). Who knew a fellow missionary, Andrew Tolman was going to go on to help form a wildly famous band, Imagine Dragons? Now he’s jamming away in The Moth and The Flame and is a nice a guy as ever.


I went to church with Brandon Quinn a couple times too. Most recently, I spotted him playing a murderous soccer player on Bones. I knew it was him from the start!


Earlier this year, I met Steve Cleveland, well-known basketball coach, at a church meeting. He thought I was eighteen. Aww! It was so nice to be mistaken as a teenager when I in fact, just reached my thirties.

Yes, I played the tuba in college and yes, I met Tommy Lee.

I guess the only non-church related famous person I met was Tommy Lee. Boy, that was an experience. He came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to film a television show, Tommy Lee Goes To College, and was in not only marching band but my Native American literature class. I was on TV a few times (which, ironically aired while on my mission, haha). It’s always a fun topic of conversation.

My mom and Tommy Lee are tight.

But not as funny as when I mention my mom’s pretty much BFFs with Tommy Lee. She’s got an autographed photo of him and her hanging in her office.

So, that’s about all the “famous” people I’ve met. What about you? Met anyone famous? Is there someone you’d love to meet? Do share!

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