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A few months ago, signs for the Hendricks County fair started popping up in our neighborhood so one mild afternoon, I decided to take the girls for a visit. Any reason to see animals is a good reason (especially if they’re the kind we don’t have. Yet).
 We scratched sow bellies…
That cutie pie was only a week old!
 …cooed at baby alpacas…

 …and watched horses who could lope slower than molasses in wintertime. Seriously. Even the barrels class barely riled those faithful horses up.

Trying (and failing) to take a photo with the cute carved bear bench.

After a bit of other sightseeing and treating ourselves to a bag of kettle corn, we headed home, only to relive the fun at the Indiana State Fair with Jack in tow.

Looks like Claire’s got some pretty strong bones.

A lot of it was the same, just on a bigger scale.  There are more animals, more crowds, louder people and bigger, faster rides.

Those cow hides were sure soft!

The girls made a few new friends too, one of which was a particularly vocal sheep who seemed to be looking for someone:

And of course, we pet more piggies.
This gal snorted and grunted until SOMEONE offered her a backrub.

We got  caught in the middle of a tractor parade so we decided to sit down and watch. Evelyn has always had a particularly nice crowd wave.


The piglet feeding frenzy was a big hit too. I couldn’t imagine feeding nine feisty babies at a time, but that mother took it all in stride, napping the whole time. I imagine that’s one of the reasons she was the grand champion sow.

There was too much to do and too little time (we would’ve had more time if we’d not spent 20 minutes in the parking lot trying to figure out where on earth the parking attendants were trying to direct us) but it was fun all the same. We took the scenic route on the way home and did some GenCon sightseeing along the way.

Photo courtesy of Claire.

I think fairs are becoming a family tradition. I’m secretly hoping my girls will want to participate when they get older so we can keep it up!

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